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    We know that: talent is the first element of the company, is also the only element;

    We are convinced that: only the shortage of talent, no saturation of the position, the elite will always be the company's high-speed growth is an indispensable force.

    Our management philosophy: people-oriented, to the law as the key link, to promote promising. To create a good environment for the development of talent and career development space. Factories adhere to the to "cause to keep people feeling to keep people, treatment keep people" as the consistent policy of human resources, talent recruitment, selection, training, motivation and restraint, performance assessment, continuous innovation, make great efforts to build talent Heights, and gradually establish a scientific human resource management system.

    The principle of employing people: Ren Yin, only to give up, the ability to. We "eclectic with talent", vigorously promote "open, equal, competition, preferred" mechanism, no matter you in what position, as long as you can play your intellectual potential, as long as you have the talent, you may become a company reuse talent. We have formed a good atmosphere of respect, fair competition, respect for knowledge, respect for talent, so that every person has the ability to work with the heart of the staff can display their talent, to achieve the aspirations of!

    A parasol Phoenix Square, "Guangfei food" for talent to provide a broad sky soar. Haikuo by diving, days of high Niaofei, we sincerely welcome more people of insight to join us, join hands in creating a better future!

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